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The new EEG headband in the US Market
by BrainBit
Learn to
relax and concentrate
with neurofeedback
Monitor your
brain activity
in real-time
No extra payments
or subscriptions needed
With durable
and long-lasting sensors
by BrainBit
With free shipping
within the US
Comfortable and Reliable Design
We make devices for neurofeedback specialists — and we know how to make them reliable and convenient.
Soft and flexible
S, M, L, XL — suitable on all types of head, from adults to children
Even when lying down
Due to electrodes with specially designed pins
Comes in 4 band sizes
Wearable with eyeglasses
No need to press it against the skin above ears
Can be used in any position
Equipped with a removable strap
Easy to clean
Strong Connection
Electrodes consist of 100 spring-loaded pins:
Not easy to break, crack or wear out
No pressure on the head
Work even through the hair
Quick Start
Wait for 30 seconds while it calibrates, and you are ready to go.
No need to waste minutes getting the connection.
36 free neurofeedback games
in your smartphone
Our neurofeedback app includes the tools for:
Here's how it looks:
Training the skill to fall asleep fast
Training self-regulation to reduce stress
Controlling the level
of anxiety
Training quick
relaxation skill
concentration level

The app has 30 relaxation tools with audio feedback,
including 6 with voice instructions
As well as 6 concentration games with feedback, for example a rising plane or a blooming flower in response to your concentration.
After each training session you receive your result in scores
Check out the app’s demo version before purchasing the device, download it for free in App Store or Google Play:
Status Monitoring — for those
who love data and graphs
During meditation, sports or work, your alpha, beta and theta brain rhythms, as well as emotional state are tracked in the background, and you will be able to see the results!

All these within the EEG Waves application:

EEG Waves will be available for free this summer

And also:

Reliable customer
We answer in 24 hours: by email or phone

Loyal return


You can issue a full refund within 30 days from the moment you receive it

Certified in the USA and the European Union
How exactly does MINDO collect EEG data?
The device has 4 EEG channels, as well as reference and ground electrodes on the forehead. Each channel contains 25 pins which enable a large contact area between your skin and the device to generate a more stable signal reception.
Our experience of working with psychologists helps to develop training algorithms close to those used by full-fledged neurofeedback specialists
The device collects alpha, beta and theta brain rhythms
The electrodes are gold-coated — the best way to collect EEG data among dry electrodes
The application houses smart algorithms which adapt to an individual brain and learn its success or failure, to be able to adjust the training program
The device collects data not only from the forehead or near the ears, but also on the back of the head — this is very important for alpha rhythms responsible for relaxation

We provide unique electrode placement that gives high spatial resolution

Each electrode makes direct contact at the T3 and T4 temporal lobe regions as well as at the O1 and O2 occipital lobe regions.

According to current research and international best practices, these specific regions provide the best access to high-fidelity signals for the four main types of brain waves. BrainBit headband monitors electrical activity produced by cortical regions of the brain and records the activity as raw EEG data which can be processed for user readability.
About the manufacturer
BrainBit Inc is a New York based technology company, specialized in smart wearable IoT devices for individual consumer use for sport, wellness and entertainment applications, with cloud infrastructure and SDK and API for developers.

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